11202210 Line 1! Luxury Villa in Alicante

Alicante, Costa Blanca (north)

7.000.000 €

This villa is located in the cabo de las huertas; it is the city sector located to the east of alicante and to the south of playa san juan de alicante, bounded by the North and the south with Avenida costa blanca and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea respectively. From this avenue in The Shape of boulevard there are different paths going out looking for the sea; in one of them, at the end of it you can find this villa of modern minimalist style. It is located in the most exclusive area of the city of alicante. The arrival is very discreet, since the street has no continuity, ending with a small roundabout, in a small sierra in the West, qualified as a green zone and without private traffic. Thus, the plot of the house is bounded by the north with catamaran street, by the West with a small sierra qualified as a green zone, by the East with a detached house and by the south with the Mediterranean Sea.

The plot is located between the cove and the cove of the Jews, in front of the plot, with a slope towards the sea of two and a half meters runs a small path, and behind it, about two meters, we find the transparent water of the Mediterranean. The house is located 20 meters from the facade to the sea at the most critical point, three meters from the other borders and 7 from the facade to the street; thus it releases a garden, mostly between the house and the sea. The trapezoidal and approximately 6 x 13 metres swimming pool is located 6 metres from the seafront and 8 metres from the front of the house, and west of the plot. It has been projected with two overflowing sides, South and West; so, sitting or walking on the porch of the house and having the Crystal rail to the sea, you can live the effect of the pool water pouring into the sea on its South and west sides.

The villa consists of four floors; the basement, the ground floor, the first floor and the attic or the second floor. It is conceived as a modern house, with simple lines and white in general, except the east facade which is dark grey and the large frame of the staircase window to the North which is of the same color. The exterior finishing material is made by means of large-format porcelain (55 x 110 cm), porcelain marking, for one color and another; the plates are taken with specific glue and, in addition, secured by steel staples. The carpentry of the same dark grey colour is of the type we have described, very robust and of the schüco brand and of the oscillobatient type with regard to the windows; the large-format sliding doors can be opened and secured but would remain in vertical position; with the particularity that all the windows are interspersed between their two glass sheets with a blinds actuable by means of domotic controls that allow us to withdraw them to the top or to balance the sheets to make it totally transparent or to darken them at will. All the fittings, doors and lattices that have been used at any point in the house, in contact with the outside, are either of high strength aluminum or stainless steel of the same color. So at no time have any signs of oxidation appeared in any of these elements, being as we are above the sea. The entire house inside is paved with extra quality Greek thassos marble and Roman travertine marble. The whole house has a central suction, with mouths placed in strategic places to facilitate the cleaning work correctly. The house is finished at 93%, finishing the final finishing and conditioning of the garden. Ground floor: large office (11.40 m2), with two large windows, one to the North and one to the east from which you can see the sea lateralized. Toilet 1. Between the office and the library, near the entrance there is a small toilet (2.90 m2) for library guests. There is a long stay (16,00 m2) for library, with its entire perimeter dedicated to Bookstore. Iron Room. The ironing and laundry room (9.60 m2) Toilet 2. In front of the kitchen, this toilet room (4,10 m2) is located. On the north-west facade is located the large clothesline courtyard (34.65 m2), on two levels on the ramp of the garage. Kitchen. The kitchen is composed of two main bodies that add up to 40.60 m2; approximately half dedicated properly kitchen and in front of it another space dedicated to living dining. The first of them communicates with the large living-dining-living room-terrace-main porch. From the kitchen facing the sea, if we leave on the left we enter the large terrace-porch existing in front of the main lounge. In these terraces, with the fantastic climate that the province of alicante enjoys, is where the greatest activity of games and leisure of the members of the house takes place, whether children or older.

Summer kitchen. It has a barbecue with a large grill and a wood oven to make roasts, pastry, rice with scab, et. Service bedroom. Greenhouse. At the other end of the porch, behind the 13.50 m glass window of the living room, is a small greenhouse (12.00 m2). Living-dining room. It is the most important piece of the house, because of its size, its integration with the sea, because it is the nucleus of the whole distribution and by representation, and structural hierarchy in short. It has an area of 66.30 m2. With the two doors open and the shutters collected it is impressive the contemplation of the sea in its Infinity through its 13.50 m of glass in front of the sea, with the added continuity of the large outdoor covered terrace and the garden in decline then, until it joins with the waves. And the swimming pool overflowing on two sides over the sea, in magical appearance. First floor distributor (28,10 m2), with an important opening to the ground floor and its control, the access lobby area. Office or bedroom, 12.60 m2; it has a large window. Bedroom No. 4, as a suite, with bathroom (5.70 m2), ventilation and natural lighting and dressing room plus bedroom (24.10 m2). It is spacious, all white with a large double sliding window to its terrace (6,00 m2) and the sea. Bedroom no. 3. It has a spacious dressing room and bedroom (22,80 m2). It has a terrace facing the sea just like the previous one and of the same dimensions (6 m2). Bedroom No. 2 bedroom No. 2 is the same as bedroom No. 3 since it is almost symmetrical in all its components. Bedroom No. 1 for guests, area is 15 m2 and has a private bathroom of 5,70 m2. As for views, terrace and rest has the same privileges as the previous bedrooms. Studio or bedroom. With an area of 10.00 m2. Toilet No. 4, is the general toilet of the floor except for the four bedrooms that have a spacious private bathroom. Salon de los sueños. It has an area of 30.60 m2 and has a large fireplace that will give us heat in winter. Outside it has a covered terrace (15 m2) and another uncovered terrace of 30 m2. Second floor solarium general terrace. It has an area of 145 m2. The master bedroom consists of four pieces: the bedroom itself (23.50 m2), the intermediate living area (18.00 m2), the dressing room (27.20 m2) and the bathroom area (22.50 m2). Basement garage plants. Comfortably seats at least 6 vehicles with additional space for several motorcycles. It has a cellar surface. It has an area of 14,20 m2. Warehouse, spacious room 15,70 m2 gym, 32,50 m2 of surface. Inside it has a spacious jacuzzi of 2 x 1.5 m, a sauna of 4 m2, a shower room for alternating with the sauna and another room for cinemateca. It has a large screen of 3.5 x 2.4 meters and is perfectly soundproof to get a perfect audition of the films.Toilet, toilet for the whole basement, equipped with sink and toilet.

LAND AREA (SQ.M): 1.400
AREA - TOTAL (SQ.M): 1.141

Location: Alicante

Object type: Villa / House / Cottage

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