4220221 Land for Hotel

39.500.000 $

A fascinatingly unique piece of beachfront land with beautiful and soft golden white sand and crystal clear turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. This is the best plot of land for sale for a hotel/resort in the Dominican Republic and probably in the whole Caribbean, due to the composition of the natural landscape (consisting of coastal climatic forest, tropical dense forest and a variety of endemic palms and forest trees). The composition of the soil and subsoil is unparalleled in the area, providing excellent natural landscape potential as well as a solid foundation for high quality construction. The site is uniquely shaped and benefits from the fact that the design of the hotel complex can be created either perpendicular or parallel to the Caribbean Sea, thus maximising views and potential for profit. In addition, the site is even more unique due to its strategic location, bordered by two (2) major roadways, one of which leads from the airport(s). Offering 57 hectares, equivalent to 567,046 m2 or 6,101,414.96 SF of land, a plot of land with 483 linear metres of beach frontage and a variable depth of 1,700 (approximately) linear metres at its deepest part, the site has government building permits for 20 rooms per hectare for a total of 1,140 rooms (approximately). Combining this development potential with tall palm trees swaying in the wind, with an endless beach of soft sand and mesmerising sunsets and sunrises every day, the site is an ideal oceanfront location where countless families can create many timeless memories on the very foundations you build. Competitively priced compared to both recent sales and similar properties, this property offers more benefits than any other plot for sale in the region, has more uses, natural and impressive landscaping than any other plot.

Object type: Land for construction

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